Welcome! Freshet is a smart RSS reader, designed to make it easier for you to deal with an overwhelming flow of new news stories.

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Instead of being faced with 1000s of new news items (and it only gets worse when you don’t read anything for a day or so), see the top unread news items for you. We base this not on a general set of preferences of “what does the average person like”, but instead a customised set just for you). We achieve this by you telling us “more like this” or “less like this” on each article.

There are also a series of other tools, all focused around managing and exploring your unread items. For example, we automatically tag all articles (via analysing their content) and you can look at other articles that match a particular tag. So, if you want to read more space articles right now, you can look at the space tag.

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Alpha release

Hello! Welcome to Freshet. We’ve been running a very limited release of this so far, and are now ready to open up to a wider audience as our alpha release.