When you first go to Freshet you will see the login page.

As you don’t have a login yet, click “register”.
Fill in your email and a new password, and click “Register”
verify email
You’ll now need to verify your email address. Go to your email and click the link within
verify gmail
If you’re lucky, we’ve got enough spare capacity and you’ll be straight in. If not, we’ll email you when we’re able to expand the limits
maximum limit

To begin with, you’ve only got access to the “Feeds” tab, as no other part of the interface works properly until you’ve got at least one working feed. You can add the URL here to any RSS/Atom feed you know of already, or if you don’t know any, try entering the url of a news website you like. We’ll attempt to automatically find a feed in that case, but this may not work if they don’t have a feed setup.

no feeds
Once you’ve added in a feed (Ars Technica in this case), you’ll see the feed listing and other tabs popping up

  • “Best” is the core of Freshet: the “most interesting” unread items (as determined by our algorithm). If the items aren’t interesting, tell us about it by clicking the “Less” button; if we’re doing it right, click on “More”. “Meh” is for if you really can’t decide between those two, but want to mark it as read anyways.
  • “Recent” is for when you want the latest items. It’s good for finding the sorts of stories that haven’t come up in your feed before so we don’t know if you’d find them interesting or not yet.
  • “Tags” has the “highest scored tags with unread entries” - it’s good at finding overall topics in your unread items that have individually high scoring items, but maybe mixed in with some lower scores that mean they’re not on Best yet. Click on any of them to just see items with that tag.
    highest scored
    You can also get to the Tags interface via clicking on the tags below any article.
  • “Feeds” has a list of all your feeds. You can unsubscribe from any of them, or click “Show unread items” to see a view of just the unread items from a single feed.